A magical adventure inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia,
Walt Disney animated musicals and the parables by Jesus Christ


Hello, my name is David Hutter. I’m the director, producer, animator, editor, sound recorder and distributor of “Strawinsky and the mysterious house”. The following pages will tell you something about the background of how this project was birthed, the incredible amount of work and effort that went into its production and will also explain what I was trying to communicate with the story.


The Making of Strawinsky

During my childhood I was always attracted to movies and film-making which resulted in my siblings, friends and guinea pigs having to star in a great variety of home-made videos that were shot using my Dad’s handheld video camera! Our technology though was really limited as many computers at that time were still using 16 colours. At time time I couldn't really imagine what sort of videos it would be possible to create from your bedroom just 15 years later!
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The Message of Strawinsky

"Strawinsky and the mysterious house" is not just an animation purely for entertainment. The message of the story was really the primary reason why I've embarked on the difficult journey in creating this animation. Here are a few thoughts on the message of the movie.
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Miracles - My personal story of healing

One of the biggest objections against the Bible is that it cannot be true or historically accurate because it includes supernatural events. However – if God does exist, why can’t he also intervene in our world and perform miracles? Miracles in the Bible are not the norm. They are portrayed as something out of the ordinary. Similarly, if you become a Christian, miracles don’t suddenly start to appear all around you. Nevertheless, I thought it would be helpful to include one of my own experiences of miracles on this website.
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Running the race on spiritual fast-food

This page is written for Christians. If you don’t believe in Jesus and trust the Bible it possibly will not make much sense to you. It’s a message and call to action for anyone who considers himself a follower of Jesus Christ and is something that has been very close to my heart for the last few years whilst making this animation...
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Who is the Scarlet Queen?

Occasionally I receive emails with questions about the identity of the Scarlet Queen. Who is she and what does she symbolise?
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