A magical adventure inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia,
Walt Disney animated musicals and the parables by Jesus Christ

The Story

“Strawinsky and the mysterious house” is an animated adventure of four friends that discover a hidden mansion in the middle of a secret forest.

Whilst exploring the house they encounter strange inhabitants such as a depressed cello, a manic troll and an overweight creature that is addicted to the books in its basement. As Strawinsky – the hero of the story – tries to solve the mysteries surrounding the house, his friends get trapped in the underground library.

It’s up to Strawinsky to find a way to break the dark spell and help his friends to escape from the evil lurking within its four walls.

Similar to Disney animations where songs are an important part of the story-telling, the movie includes six short songs that are sung by some of characters. This adds a further dimension to the characters and makes the animation fun to watch over and over again.

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